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Join ‘Protecting Immigrant Families’ by Opposing the Public Charge Rule

President Trump’s proposed changes to the public charge regulation would require a cruel new standard for those immigrants seeking adjustment of status in the United States. The proposal also seeks to apply a similar test to those seeking to extend or change their non-immigrant visas in the U.S.  If these proposed changes became final, immigration officials could deny status adjustment to immigrants if the government considers them likely to receive crucial food, health, and housing assistance benefits in the future. It would also impose an unprecedented income test on those applicants whose family income is lower than 125% of the federal poverty line. The rule could result in the loss of food, health, and housing assistance for about 304,000 immigrants and their household members in New York City (both citizens and non-citizens) who are not subject to the public charge test but may nevertheless withdraw from or forgo services due to confusion and fear about the scope of the rule change. This includes 72,000 U.S. citizen children, 29,000 people with disabilities, and 30,000 seniors (age 65 and over).

Before an agency – in this case, the Department of Homeland Security – can finalize regulations, it must allow the public to submit comments on the proposed rule. The 219,000 public comments must now be reviewed and responded to before the rule is final. In the meantime, join Protecting Immigrant Families to stop this rule.