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Comment Today to Stop the Trump Administration from Taking Away Food Assistance from Hard Working Americans

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The Trump administration’s latest proposed rule would take away SNAP food assistance from 3.1 million Americans struggling to put food on the table, prevent children from getting school meals, and make it harder for states to administer food assistance by decimating what’s known as ‘broad based categorical eligibility (BBCE)’.

BBCE is a policy in which households may become eligible for SNAP because they qualify for a non-cash Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or State maintenance of effort (MOE) funded benefit. BBCE allows states to bypass asset limits to simplify administration of benefits and expand SNAP eligibility to qualified households with incomes as high as 200 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL). In other words, BBCE enables states to raise SNAP income eligibility limits for low-income working families whose housing or child care expenses consume a sizeable share of their income.

In New York, households with dependent care expenses and earned income are both eligible for BBCE, but the gross income limits are different. Those with dependent care expenses face an income limit of 200% of the FPL and households with earned income face an income limit of 150% of the FPL. With regards to asset limits, households with seniors or people with disabilities and gross incomes under 200% of FPL do not face an asset limit. However, those over 200% of FPL are not categorically eligible and do face a $3,500 asset limit.

States leverage BBCE to ensure less punitive income and asset tests and to better align SNAP with other state-operated programs, such as TANF. Rolling back BBCE would not only cause millions of low-income Americans to entirely lose their SNAP benefits, but more importantly also undermine the program’s role in promoting opportunity for families that are working hard to ensure a prosperous future.

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For this SNAP proposal there will be a public comment period to weigh in on the rule. Advocates will have 60 days to comment, or until September 23rd, to considered by the USDA. Visit below to learn more and to ensure your voice is heard!

Food Research & Action Center:  https://frac.salsalabs.org/comment-on-trump-cat-el-proposed-rule/index.html

Hands off SNAP!: https://handsoffsnap.org/

Federal Registrar: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2019/07/24/2019-15670/revision-of-categorical-eligibility-in-the-supplemental-nutrition-assistance-program-snap