More Than 160 FPWA Member Organizations Send Letter to Senator Schumer

The Following Letter Was Prepared by the New York Federal Tax & Budget Response Team

On Wednesday, September 9th, more than 160 FPWA member organizations, representing faith and community-based organizations, sent a letter to Senator Schumer. We asked him him to stand firm for a comprehensive stimulus package, and appreciating his critical role in negotiating a deal between the House-passed HEROES Act and the GOP proposals, and our eagerness to support his efforts, we respectfully offered the following questions to help our and our partners’ local and national advocacy strategies:

  • Will you commit to not agree to ANY short term or piecemeal package? This package needs to be large and comprehensive.
  • There are parts of the package that seem to be falling away such as SNAP benefit increases, Puerto Rico, Rental Assistance, FMAP increases, and refundable tax credits (EITC and CTC). Can you help ensure these priorities stay in any package that does move forward?
  • Is getting mixed immigrant status households’ access to cash assistance payments a priority?
  • On key provisions, such as UI, housing, food assistance, and state aid, which members of the GOP are you negotiating with?